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Welcome to our website. Burdette Thomas Company LLC is a holding company located in Akron Ohio. We own and operate various websites that specialize in online retail (eCommerce). All of our online businesses share a common goal - Offer great products at great prices backed by great customer service.

Welcome to is a website that sells backyard games and accessories. Its main focus is the game of cornhole. Cornhole, as well as bocce, ladder toss, and horseshoes is an integral part of spending quality time with friends and family outside. A small site, has been in business and profitable since late 2011.
A blog about do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement. The blog's style is to step through projects by using photos with captions.


Burdette Thomas Company LLC was originally created in Akron, Ohio in 2011 as a partnership between Jeff Burdette and Adam VanBuskirk. In early 2012, Adam bought Jeff out and turned the company into a Sole Proprietorship. The company is an online holding company and has no brick-and-mortar store front.

Burdette Thomas Company LLC focuses on selling great products backed by secure payment, fast shipping, and great customer service. To ensure delivery on the above statement, the company became an accredited business with the Ohio Better Business Bureau in January 2013.

The company's first online business was launched in 2011 as That website quickly began selling more cornhole accessories than bocce and morphed into

Today, the company continues to sell backyard game products and accessories through the BackyardGamez website. It's also currently researching market trends in preparation for launching its second retail website.

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Burdette Thomas Company LLC
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